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Protectli UPS and Rack Mount Shelf

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This is continuation of my Protectli OPNsense Router Project series. Head over to Part 1 - Project Overview for a complete overview of the project.

I wanted to share how everything comes together and is presented.

The following hardware is shown above:

Both the router and the UPS are screwed into the shelf from the bottom. The power supply is held in place via Velcro straps not included with the router. It is not as secure as I would have liked. This was mostly an experiment in learning about the Protectli hardware line. The StarTech.com 1U Server Rack Shelf would likely be better suited for how I used everything. It also comes in a few dollars cheaper.

power supply

I considered putting the power supply down the middle. The heat from the router was a bit much though.

Rackmounted Shelf

shelf alone

The shelf looks like it was designed to hold 1-3 routers, depending on the size of the chassis.

Router Mounting

router mounting holes

The router screws into the shelf nicely. Use the included VESA mount screws to attach the router.

UPS Mounting

alignment of mounting holes another alignment of mounting holes view

The UPS however doesn’t align with the screw holes. As usual in IT, I’ll need to make it fit.

mounting brackets

I considered using the included wall mount brackets. Due to the location of the input/output plugs it wouldn’t align correctly on the shelf with the router and power supply. Because the UPS is not square the brackets don’t fit going another direction.

mounting brackets side view

To use the included wall mount kit, remove the rubber pads from the four corners of the UPS, then remove the screws holding the case together. Next, install the kit’s longer screws through the wall mount bracket into the case. Do not overtighten or you will crack the UPS case.

shelf ups alignment

drilling holes

I ended up drilling another hole in the shelf to accommodate the UPS. This allows the UPS to mount using the two center screws. The placement does force the UPS to sit forward compared to the router. Drill a hole sized for the screw. I used a 1/8th inch bit.

screwing in hardware

Just like using the wall mount bracket, remove the screws holding the chassis together. Then install the longer included black screws.

router and ups mounted

UPS Operation

To power and charge the UPS, plug the computer’s power supply into the IN port. The UPS should light up according to the table below. The UPS can power TWO computers with the included ‘Y’ cable. Quick math based on usage says I should get about a half day of use before I loose power.

Status Description
LED off The UPS is fully discharged or off
LED flashing green/red The UPS is charging and working normally
LED solid green UPS is fully charged and working normally
LED solid red UPS is providing backup power, but has no input power
LED flashing red UPS is overloaded

To turn off the UPS disconnect both input and output cables; the UPS will power off after a few minutes.

After Thoughts

power supply placement

If I ever build another one of these with the Protectli shelf I’m going to change two things with the hardware. I’ll notch out some strap loops in the shelf for the power supply. I’ll also build a mounting plate for the UPS to align to the shelf better.

I wish the UPS had a way to signal the router of a power failure. Maybe something with the USB ports, serial port, or the audio port. I considered building something via an Arduino Uno to measure input voltage drop and signal via Zabbix and the Ethernet ports. It was out of scope for this project so I didn’t have the time.

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